What the Fannie Mae Site Can Do for You

Fannie Mae stands for the Federal National Mortgage Association or FNMA. Since the housing market crash, Fannie Mae has occupied a unique position as both a public company and a government-sponsored business.

The organization was originally created in 1938 to help regulate the mortgage industry and supply debt-based securities for investors. Today, Fannie Mae works largely behind the scenes in three ways. The company backs up home loans with federal funds, oversees the secondary (investment) mortgage market, and works to improve the U.S. housing industry. The Fannie Mae website includes information on all these topics and is an excellent resource for buyers and lenders alike.

Learn About the Business

If you are looking to borrow money for a residential project or home, the Fannie Mae site provides key information about how the company can help. Trying to understand the mortgage process can be confusing on many levels. Knowing the role Fannie Mae fulfills and how the organization is working to help the housing market recover from recession can bring a lot of confidence to anxious borrowers or homeowners worried about handling their mortgage.

On the other hand, if you are a lender Fannie Mae includes reference material for starting a partnership. The primary site includes an entire section devoted to working with Fannie Mae. This answers key questions for those looking to grow a lending business in the residential or rental market. If you are interested in working with Fannie Mae, you can cycle through their investor relations and governance structure to find more about how the organization operates. When you are ready to take the next step, you can go their satellite website devoted to professionals.

Look for Homes

While you can find a lot of information about house programs on the Fannie Mae home site, it is the REO search link that can be truly helpful if you are shopping for a home. This takes you to another Fannie Mae satellite, HomePath, where you can search through all property in the United States connected with Fannie Mae. Often these are properties in foreclosure or otherwise different from typical listings. The site includes handy links for making an offer and finding a Fannie Mae loan to pay for the house as well.

Locate Securities Information

One of Fannie Mae’s primary roles is to issue debt securities. These securities are short and long-term investments that allow investors to fuel the loan market by backing various debt processes in return for a percentage of the payback. Risky debt securities were a primary cause of the original housing crash, but as the market begins to recover Fannie Mae continues to play a leading role in issuing and managing such investments. You can find out more about securities specific to Fannie Mae here.

If you have a specific investment in mind and want to find out more about it, you can use Fannie Mae’s security locator search engine. Filter your results with their “Funding the Market” categories to narrow results by specific topic or security. Also note the other types of searches that Fannie Mae allows, from career opportunities to finding an lending agent.

Keep Up on News

The Fannie Mae site also features a latest news section filled with press releases and updates concerning Fannie Mae decisions and market activity. Use this to track down the latest guidelines that Fannie Mae has issued concerning processes like short sales – or track down financial statements and yields for Fannie Mae itself. You can also limit the media section to only financial news for a look outside the company, or only corporate news for a look at the professional side of the industry.

In addition to the news section, Fannie Mae provides a Research and Analysis center where homebuyers can find out more about how the housing market works. This section describes the economic forces at work behind purchasing decisions, delving into topics like why some consumers choose to rent when others choose to buy, or how home ownership trends change based on age. The Commentary Section provides a more personal version of similar issues.

Make Decisions

Ultimately, the Fannie Mae site exists to make your decisions easier. Whether you are searching for a house, tracking down an investment opportunity, or expanding your lending potential, Fannie Mae seeks to make the process clear and easy. Feel free to explore the site, seek out data, and prepare yourself to make an informed decisions. As Fannie Mae itself says, “Know Your Options.”