Student Resources: Measurement and Calculation Tools

A diverse range of online calculation and measurement tools is available for users of all ages, from elementary students to academics and professionals. These online programs do everything from calculating basic addition and subtraction equations, to graphically simulating plane vectors. The following is a list of popular online resources and includes scientific and probability calculators, visual demonstrations of math theorems, interactive galleries—called “applets”—and programs that allow users to create 2D and 3D geometrical shapes against graphic quadrant systems.

Online Tools for Elementary and Middle School Students

  •’s simple calculator—This is a simple online calculator that is accessible and easy to use for students just learning how to add and subtract.
  • Thinking Blocks—An online website that uses “blocks” in order to help students work through basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.
  • Tux Math Command—A fun math game for kids that uses colorful graphics in order to encourage them to memorize math equations and questions.
  • BrainNook—A creative website that offers timed math challenges, this assortment of “brain-nook” games are designed to help elementary students develop foundational math skills.
  •—Yenka is an interactive visual “lab” application that teaches students foundational concepts in mathematics.


Online Tools for High School Students

  • High School Math—This is a website that offers a wide range of online tools, from a blank “graph paper” template to interactive scientific calculators. It also includes online programs that allow students to experiment with prime numbers and instructional “math rubric generators” for high school math teachers.
  • SpeQ Mathematics—SpeQ is a small but powerful mathematics program, which offers a simple interface that students can use in order to add, edit and calculate math problems.
  • GraphCalc—GraphCalc is a powerful, accessible scientific graphing calculator that makes both 2D and 3D graphs. This online tool is especially helpful for precalculus and calculus students.
  • Explorelearning Gizmos—Explorelearning Gizmos is an online simulations program that allows high school students learning algebra to visualize and test out mathematical concepts. The program includes “gizmos” for linear, quadratic, exponential and polynomial math problems.
  • MathsNet—MathsNet Interactive Graphs is an online program that strives to give students a clear understanding of the use of coordinates in calculus by utilizing interactive tools.
  • Mathinsite—Mathinsite includes instructive Java “applets,” and online tutorials on mathematical functions, from simple lines to complex numbers.
  • Online graphic calculator—This powerful online calculator graphs up to 5 equations and allows the intersections of two plots. You can also save the image of the graph on your computer.
  •  MathGV Function Plotting—MathGV allows calculus students to plot 2D graphics and parametric and polar equations. It also includes the plotting of 3D functions.


Online Advanced Tools for Mathematics Majors and Professionals

  • Plane Vectors—An online tool developed by the University of Texas, Plane Vectors is an “applet” that visualizes vector diagrams as you move and change the magnitude and direction of the drawn vector.
  • CalculatorEdge—Calculatoredge includes a range of advanced calculators for professionals, including for civil, structural and mechanical engineers.
  •—This is an online civil engineering website that includes calculating tools for civil and structural engineers dealing with hydraulics, civil sites, structural concrete and steel sites.
  • Interactive Real Analysis (IRA) Plotter—An “IRA” plotter tool, this online program allows you to enter as many functions as you need and includes an adjustable window.
  • Vector Field Analyzer II—Created by Arizona State University’s Marek Rychlik, this “vector field analyzer” allows users to plug in multiple vector equations in a 4-quadrant graphing system.
  • Integrals—Wolfram Mathmatica’s “online integrator” is an advanced calculation tool that allows students to graph integrals and derivatives.
  • Integration—This is another “applet” tool, which includes Java animations demonstrating integral functions on graphs. It also allows users to create and test their own integral “applet.”